About Me

by Martin

Hi, nice to meet you. i’m Martin, a self taught baker who loves to dream up new creations and recipes.

i came up with the idea of creating a space to share my ideas and recipes for others to try at home. Anyone can bake, however being able to creating awesome tasty creations takes time and practice.

I hadn’t always been a baker, however found my calling in my mid 20’s having lost my job. I took the challenge to learn new skills and baking really appealed to me…..it had absolutely nothing to do with eating the finished result.

Oriel Cupcakes

I spend my spare time trying out new recipes from inspirations I’ve seen online or while out shopping. I love to fuse together my favorite treats and make them into Sponge Heaven.

My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes, they are so versatile and the options are endless